Perfect Chest and Back Workout for All


Various attempts are made by fitness-loving men or just to form a good chest muscle. The bosom of the swell and the field is a pride and a high attraction for the man to entice his woman. In addition to exercise, food is also important to make the body fit and healthy. According to bodybuilder, an additional supplement to form the body was not a necessity. The reason, says Ade, supplements only additional food. The main thing, added Ade, is that daily food must be timely and have complete nutrition. But how to form a chest muscle with minimum fitness equipment and can be done at home? Not everyone can afford to buy fancy fitness equipment. Not everyone can come to a gym because the distance away from home or busy does not have time to go to the gym. There are several ways to form a chest muscle without fancy fitness equipment and can be done at home without having to go to GYM. Well, rather than saying a lot, here are some examples of exercises to build your chest and back workout that you can do at home without having to require a fitness kit.

How to Build the Chest Workout

Bench Press

Chest Workout Exercises

Bench Press is one of the optimal and most important chest workout exercises in maximal chest muscle formation, you should know that bench press exercises like the example picture above is the first variation of exercise when you train your chest muscles because of some variations with a heavy load of the pedestal only on your hands and on your arms this is the first variation that I think you should know when you start to train your chest muscles, how to practice your lying down relax and align the stick or iron bars right in your chest or nipple right in the middle of your chest when You start to go down and you push up, do it by regulating the breath by while encouraging you to breathe out and when you go down breath. Do it in 3-4 sets and set start at start of 10x and next the more load in add decreasing count in 1 set.

Chest Exercise

Chest and Back Workout for Mass

Chest Exercise the second variation is almost the same as the first variation but the variation of the two ways to train it is with a chair that rises slightly with a 30 degree downward slope, how to push and descend is still the same as bench press but the stick is aligned right in the upper chest area or in Upper nipple area. Do 3-4 sets and start set at start of 10 x and next the load is added more decrease count in 1 set.

Decline Close Grip Bench Press

Bigger Chest in 4 Weeks

Decline Close Grip Bench Press chest muscle exercises that further optimize the lower chest, the exercises as above are quite useful and it is important for you to train the chest muscles of under parts for taut and muscular, the way is still the same as doing exercise bench press such as variations bench press and chest exercise but when you start lowering the stick or the iron rod lower in the area below the chest line. Do 3 sets and 1 set its 8-10x.

Decline Dumbell Bench Press

Bigger Chest in 4 Weeks

Decline Dumbell Bench Press is the next chest exercise that is with dumbbell, this practical way is practical enough like the example picture above, straighten your hand as you push up and down the Dumbell parallel to the body and your chest, try to put a little distance between your head With a dumbbell so that when it does not hurt your head. Do it in 3 sets and 1 set its 12x.

There are the chest workout that you can be done. Besides, you also can the back workout. Both of the chest and back workout that will you do also based on the meals that you consume.
There are the following back workouts that can be you done:

How to Build the Back Workout


Killer Chest Workout for Mass

To train the back muscles especially latissimusdorsii (wings). Exercises are done using a grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width. Avoid grip on the bar that is too wide because this will reduce the pressure on the muscles are trained so that the effect of exercise to be reduced. Drag the body up until the chin is as high as the palm of the hand. Lower the body slowly. This exercise can be done with many variations of the handle such as the palm facing the face (reverse grip) or facing the back (overhand grip), slightly wide or slightly narrow.

Cable Row

Lower Chest Exercises for Men

This exercise is good for training the lower back. Hand grips may vary as with wide, medium or narrow grips, palpable position overhand or underhand. The important thing is that the back stays straight while pulling the load.


Best Chest Workout Routine

The main function of this exercise is to increase the strength of the back of the waist muscle, or the muscle that covers the bone erector. These muscles are rarely trained but very often used in daily activities to support the body. The consequences that arise when these muscle sections are not trained are susceptible to back pain if too much sitting or having to be in an upright position. Attach the heel to the pads to prevent the body from falling while doing the exercises. Move the upper body gently forward to about 45 degrees to the floor, then pull the upper body as far backward as possible until the whole body is in a straight line. Note that when lowering the body, the back position remains straight.

Bent over Rows

Women Sagging Breasts

With slightly bent knees, back straight and body slightly leaning forward, grip the load slightly wider than shoulder and pull the load toward the body until the load stops slightly above the navel. The angle of the body may vary, ranging from an angle of 70 degrees to 90 degrees (where the back is parallel to the floor). By keeping the back straight, the load pressure can fall precisely in the upper back, trapeziums, and deltoid areas of the back. The grip of the overhand (palm facing down) has a better workout effect than the underhand (grip facing up).

You can also doing the other treatment. Firstly, you can begin it from your chest and back workout by using the two simple but there is the challenging weight movements for instance push-ups and inverse rows. According to how strong you are, this exercise can serve intense or warm-up in your exercises. The upside line is the exact opposite push-up movement basically. It also can be done on a TRX rack or squat with a barbell. If you fell too difficult, you can invert row from a standing position while it is leaning.