The Best Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Plan


Today, there are many young people who want to do the exercises to get the best body! Bodybuilding is exercise that aims to build muscle to tight. When doing bodybuilding, many meals that need to be consumed during the exercise schedule. These are some of the best vegan bodybuilding meal plan that has been listed below. There are some foods that are very important for consumption.
The meals listed should be rich in protein and nutrients that help to increase energy. However, bodybuilders should be careful to consume certain types of meal, because everything that is too much is also not good for the body. Bodybuilders who don’t eat healthy meals will be susceptible to a number of airborne diseases, because the immune system becomes low. Just intensive physical exercise alone will not be enough; bodybuilders also need a best and safe diet.

Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Plan

The Bodybuilding Meals

Here is a list of the best vegan bodybuilding meals for bodybuilders to eat:

Vegetarian Workout Meal Plan

  1. Chicory
    Have you ever heard of a good food for bodybuilding is a mustard gaff? Called by Chinese cabbage (Bok Choy), it is a high vegetable Vitamin A and E. If you consume some Bok Choy stalks in your diet, then it will improve good blood circulation and maintain bone health.
  2. Chocolate Dark
    Chocolate is the best food for bodybuilding that is included in the vegan bodybuilding meal plan. Bodybuilders who consume chocolate once a week will reduce muscle inflammation due to exercise.
  3. Soy
    Soy can act as an alternative meat because of its high protein content, so it is very appropriate to be consumed by you who intend to have a muscular body. Soy is also rich in vitamins and minerals that can help the process of muscle formation when you exercise.
  4. Pineapple
    If you want to increase muscle growth, then fresh pineapple slices will be able to help. Bodybuilders also need to add pineapple to diet, as this fruit will help provide body fuel and energy for exercise sessions.
  5. Yogurt
    Yogurt contains good protein and carbohydrates for muscle building and recovery after you undergo various muscle building exercises. Carbohydrates contained in yogurt are known to increase blood insulin levels that play a role in reducing the process of protein reshuffling after you undergo training.
  6. Tofu
    Tofu is one of the best foods for bodybuilders, especially if you do not like meat. Tofu contains all the same necessary nutrients found in meat. Contains high amino acids and isoflavon, they will help to speed up muscle recovery after exercise.

Perfect Vegan Bodybuilding

Many people find it difficult to run a diet properly and consistently. The reason, do not want to hungry. Though the right diet, according to bodybuilder should not make us hungry. Here is one example of the right vegan bodybuilding meal plan according to Founder RAI Institute, Fitness Education Center.

Vegan Bodybuilding Recipes

  1. At the Morning
    You can make oatmeal porridge and the low fat milk. After that, you can add the yoghurt and muesli for your addition meals. For the snack, you can choose one of the following meals like low-fat yoghurt, pineapple, or soy milk. It could be your plan in your bodybuilding meals.
  2. At Noon
    For your lunch, you can choose the grilled chicken, red rice, and kinds of vegetables. Besides, you also choose potato if you do not eat rice. You can combine the potato with steak and vegetables. At the last you can eat the other meals like consume fruits and soy milk only.
  3. At the Evening
    For the evening, you just choose kinds of snack for your meals. There are same with the morning snack. You can choose one of them for the evening snack. For the night meals you also choose the noon meals.

The number or portion is adjusted to the size of the body and physical goals to be achieved. It is portioning of food protein 1 palm every meal. The portion of carbohydrate for increased muscle mass: 1-2 heads at each meal and a portion of vegetables is as much as possible at the end of the meal. Those are some vegan bodybuilding meal plan. You can practice at your daily activity every day.
Description: The vegan bodybuilding meal plan should be rich in protein and nutrients that help to increase energy. However, bodybuilders should be careful to consume certain types of meal.