5 Options of the Best Tasting Protein Powder that Will Help You Gain Muscle Mass

You should have been well aware that good diets and exercises alone would not be enough to quickly and efficiently gain a lot of muscle mass. Surely, we need the help of reliable supplements, like protein powder. However, you don’t have to suffer yourself when striving for gaining muscle mass. There is more than one best tasting protein powder to pick. Besides tasting good, you will also benefit something for the sake of muscle gain.

Best Tasting Protein Powder

Protein Powder #1 – BSN Syntha-6

Best Tasting Protein Powder for Weight Loss

When it comes to the taste, this best tasty protein powder is a highly rated one. It is one made out of whey concentrate and isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, egg albumin and glutamine peptides. It is believed that there is no other protein powder that tastes as good as it. It is easy on stomach, mixes well, offers high quality protein, and even sold at affordable price. It makes perfect choice for bodybuilders.

Protein Powder #2 – Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold

Best Tasting Protein Powder Reviews

The second one we have here is a whey protein blend. There are some similar contents contained in it, like isolates, concentrate, and peptides. It is made of only premium quality ingredients and provides you with fast, medium, and slow digesting protein. Since this delicious protein powder low in calories, fat, and carbs, it makes safe choice to build your muscles. This one also offers lots of many different and delicious flavors to pick.

Protein Powder #3 – MyoFusion Advanced Protein

Best Tasting Vanilla Protein Powder

The next best tasting protein powder this time has a very delicious taste to offer too. It is enough to even satisfy your cravings. Of course, it is effective enough to help you build lean muscle and even improve the chance of you gaining more and more strength. Made of high quality ingredients, this blend is easy to mix and you will surely like its awesome creamy taste that you can’t always get from protein powder. Be sure to consider it, really.

Protein Powder #4 – FitMiss Delight

Best Tasting Protein Powder for Weight Gain

Indeed, there are protein powders for men and ones for women. This excellent protein powder we have here is one specifically made for women. It is easy to mix, great, and tastes all the better. It is also said that FitMiss Delight can manage weight loss. We can expect no less from this product, indeed. We can still benefit from it being affordable; low in calorie, fat, and sugar; and capable of adding digestion. You will get efficient results.

Protein Powder #5 – Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein

Protein Shakes for Female Weight Gain

The Optimum Nutrition we have here is not the same product as one we have discussed before. This best tasting protein powder makes just perfect choice as macronutrient supplement to take before going to sleep. With it, you will be able to improve muscle recovery and even growth process as well. It works slowly and steady, but this is what you need during the whole night. Also, the taste is great with smooth, silky, and creamy consistency.


There you go. Those are the 5 best options we highly suggest to you. While they might be different product to each other, they do benefit us in gaining muscle mass while giving delicious taste to satisfy our cravings. With such best tasting protein powder, working out would not feel like a hell anymore. Other than that, each of them still offers other things worth to take into account as well. So, you better consider them thoroughly to find the best choice of all. There must be one for you.