Chest and Tricep Workout: A Set of 7 Exercises to Increase Strength and Build Your Size

Every man would want to have strong and firm chests, right? Well, they won’t be how you want them to be if you are not going to do anything to realize it. Sure, diets are important, but you need proper workout to do too. For such purpose, we are here to suggest you with one chest and tricep workout. This chest-day set consists of 7 exercises which must be done in order, each with their own sets, reps, and rest. Let’s get down to it then.

Chest and Tricep Workout for Strength

The Three Bench Presses to Start the Workout

Indeed, there are 3 bench presses you have to do to start this workout set with. First, you will need to do Barbell Bench Press by lying on a flat bench while holding a barbell in the rack with a shoulder width. Lower the bar slowly as you breathe in and push it back as you breathe out. Do 4 sets of this with 8 repetitions and 90 seconds of rest.

chest and tri workout bodybuilding

Then, you need to switch to Incline Dumbbell Press as the second exercise of chest and tricep set here.
Switching to it will help you stimulate overall muscle fibre and stabilizing your mucles. The second exercise we have here must be done in 3 sets with 8 repetitions and 90 seconds of rest. You will need to set the bench to 30-degree angle. Once you are done with this chest tricep set’s exercise, then just switch to Decline Barbell Bench Press. Set the bench to decline setting and do this exercise in 3 sets with 8 repetitions and 90 seconds of rest. These are the 3 first exercises to be done here.

Cable Fly Over and Kickbacks to Continue With

We need cable fly over this time for this chest and tricep workout. With it, do Cable Pec Fly in 3 sets with 8 repetitions and 90 seconds of rest. You will benefit much from doing this exercise with cable fly over. The cable has constant tension after all. Because of that, it becomes possible for you to build control. Thus, you will be able to successfully stress the muscle on the way both forward and back. This is better than classic incline fly, indeed.

Chest and Tri Workout Bodybuilding

Following this exercise, this time you will need to do Dumbbell Kickbacks. Start by holding the dumbbell with your right hand and placing left knee and left hand on a bench. Bend your arm and bring the dumbbell to your chest and return slowly. This chest and tricep set workout will have to be done in 3 sets with 10 repetitions and 90 seconds of rest. This will do the job for as the next two exercises after the three bench presses before. However, this is not the end of this workout set here.

Chest and Tricep Workout at Home

Press Ups and Dips to End the Workout Set Here

Now, we are going to do the last 2 exercises of this chest and tricep workout. The 5 exercises we have discussed above are the true workout for chest. In order to determine the result in your chest, you will need to do Press Ups as your next exercise of this workout set. See how many you can do at the end. Do it in 1 set with repetition when you fail and 2 minutes of rest. If you can do more than three, you should have done the true workout right.

DB Chest Press Variations

Once you are done with the press ups, you will need to end this workout set with Dips. Do this exercise in 4 sets with repetition to failure and 60 seconds of rest. Just grab the bars with palms facing inward and arms straight. Then, lower your arms till you get your elbows at the right angles. Then, drive it back to the top and down to repeat this exercise. With that, you are done with this set of chest and tricep workout. See how it results then.