Bodybuilding Goals: Different Types of Them


When it comes to the bodybuilding goals, do you know that there are different kinds of goals meant to address different kinds of abilities? Bodybuilding isn’t like a soccer whose goal is to be able to kick the ball inside the goal line. There are matters of strength, performance, and consistency that should be addressed properly and correctly if you want to hit a huge success in bodybuilding.

Different Sets of Goals

When we are talking about bodybuilding goals, we are talking about different kinds of achievements in different sectors.

  • Performance goals. What do you want to achieve a certain thing in a certain period of time? Do you want to be able to perform a set of 20 push ups without breaking it or without getting other people’s help? Do you want to be able to perform both push ups and sit ups in series without breaking any of them? Performance goal is based on your own needs and abilities. Once you manage to hit it and get used to it, you can move to the next level to have another shot of challenge.
  • Progress goals. Once you have hit the performance goals, the next thing to do is to monitor the progress goal. How is your training day? How is your nutrition intake? Are you following the schedule or off the schedule?
  • Personal goals. This is generally not related to your training regime. It is based on your personal intention, preference, and like. For instance, you may decide to consume more veggies and fruits instead of the fried foods. It will support your success in the training but it isn’t the major concern of your goal.

Keep in mind that you are a human, a simple blood and skin. Don’t overstress yourself if you miss a goal. Just get back up again when you fall and try to be consistent so all of the bodybuilding goals can be achieved and performed well.

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