Body Building Exercise: What Are They


When you want to increase muscle mass and make yourself look bigger and buffer, there are some body building exercise regimes and routines that you should do. Of course, knowing the alternatives way for these exercises can help you prevent boredom or hit a failure plateau. But if you know these basic and general exercises, you can expect better outcome for yourself.

The Various Exercises

So, what are the body building exercise routines that you should do?

  • Pushing exercises. This can include military press, dumbbell press, landmine press, push press, push ups, and also bench press. The alternative variations to dumbbell press or bench press also include in it.
  • Squats. It includes box, goblet, back, and front squad. In most cases, the squats can also be performed while carrying a weight
  • Core lifts. Half kneeling, tall kneeling, split stance exercise, pallof press, plank variants, chops, and roll outs are included in them.
  • Hip hinge. Conventional deadlift, Romanian style, sumo style, and trap bar deadlifts are included in them
  • Pulling exercise. Chest supported rows, single arm dumbbell row, chin ups, seated cable row, and pull ups are included in them.
  • And there are still many more that is targeted to improve the muscle work all over your body.


If you really want to work successfully with your muscle development, it is crucial to choose the ones for the beginner and work your way up. Choose the basic style first and then improve it as you gain more strength and ability along the way. Professional body builders may spend most of their times doing the  body building exercise but you should give your body a chance to adjust and accommodate to your training needs. It would be better to start slowly and give your body a chance to heal and recover and not pushing it to the limit. Body building is an exercise that takes patience and determination, not speed. 

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