Simple Menu for Bodybuilding Breakfast


If you plan to do bodybuilding program, there are several things you should take care. Bodybuilding is similar to diet, but it more intense as the focus to set abs and muscle to appear. The main thing in bodybuilding commonly is the workout. Most people come to the gym to do bodybuilding program, as there are instructors to help them set the correct workout order. The program is then continue to your house to, which is you should arrange your meal well. There are no instructor during you are in the home, so it is important for you to cut excessive eating habit and discipline yourself in arranging your meal, and it is includes breakfast. Bodybuilding Breakfast needs fulfil your body need on protein and calcium. Here are some tips to set your breakfast.

The most important in Bodybuilding Breakfast is taking the healthy ingredients as the menu. Breakfast is eating for fulfilling the energy source we need for whole day activity. Some people had the hard work during the day, which is cause to taking excessive eating during breakfast. The main thing on breakfast is actually taking enough eating but still could fulfill body needs on energy source. Wheat, grain, and oat are the carbohydrate source which is suitable to consume for breakfast. It is because those aforementioned ingredients had the ability to make stomach feel full in long time and give more energy.

That is different compared to rice. Most Asian people eat rice for breakfast. Rice had the high contain of glucose and carbohydrate which could give enough source for energy transformation. Even so, rice had the addictive feeling. It means that after you consume much rice, you will easily feel hungry and crave for other foods. In Bodybuilding Breakfast, rice is not suggested to consume during breakfast. You could eat rice, but the best time is during lunch.

Another Bodybuilding Breakfast is the ingredients filled with protein, like egg. Egg contain much protein which could support you to do daily activity. Eat bread with boiled egg and milk is perfect to fulfill the body needs for transform it to be energy. There are other protein source like chicken breast and meat. This ingredient should not to take during breakfast because it might take time to process to be energy, and it is better to consume during lunch. If you are in rush, having oatmeal and milk is also good to support your daily activity during the day.

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