Healthy Living as Bodybuilding Tips


Healthy living is the main related thing to Bodybuilding Tips. It is because healthy living is indeed the main key to build body. There are several things to set on healthy life in the beginning of bodybuilding plan. First is by arranging the meal course. If you take meal usually in a day for more than three times, you should cut it into three. Besides, there are lot of important food combination you should to take note, like not taking too much carbohydrate and avoid fast food and soft drink.

InBodybuilding Tips, as for the meal, you should have simple breakfast like wheat bread with fried egg and milk. Oat meal and milk are also good for giving extra energy before beginning daily activity. If you crave for food at 10 am, you should have fruit like banana as your snack. Do not eat chips or instant snack as it is unhealthy food. Taking wheat cookie as snack is also preferred. For lunch, you could eat complete course, like rice with meat and vegetable. For lunch, you could eat until you feel full but not until bloated. And the food you take must consist of carbohydrate (preferable), vegetable, and protein (meat or chicken breast). It is better to consume carbohydrate in minimum measurement. You should not take fried and fast food for lunch.

The Bodybuilding Tips for dinner is like the old term “eat like beggar.” It is because in the night, our body system is slower in digesting foods. It is because there are no hard activity we do in the night, and our body had set the night as resting time and not for work. For this body set, you must eat dinner with healthy meal like salad, fruit, or boiled egg. You can do workout in the night, if it is the only time available for you to do. After workout you must not taking any food, except mineral water. If you feel really hungry and can’t hold your hunger, fill your stomach with vegetable or wheat snack.

Another thing for Bodybuilding Tips is workout. If you do not have time to go to gym, you still have chance to build muscle by doing these exercise. Do sit up for 25 -50 times before and after bed. Jogging in the morning or and afternoon is suggested. Swimming is good for stress release and good for losing weight. Do it minimum once a week to make your body feel fresh. Have a small barbell (1 -3 kg weight) to help you exercise your muscle.

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