Protein Shake Before or After Workout: Which One Would Be the Best to Choose?

Today, many people don’t rely on diets and exercises only when building their body. They realize that we do need the help of supplements to complete your nutrient intake. They mainly provide us the essential protein to optimize our health. However, they do play a role in repairing and building cells inside our body as well. Speaking about protein shake before or after workout, which one is best to pick? In order to find this out, we need to discuss further and see what could be the answer.

Protein Shake Before or After Workout: Which One Would Be the Best to Choose?

Taking Protein Shake before Workout

Of course, there have been some studies researching about the benefits of taking protein shake before working out. It is true that carbohydrates are what should be our primary dietary focus. However, you should have known very well that they are digested more quickly than protein and fat. Quick digestion like this will give you strength that will last for a short time. Let us inform you that this would not be the case with protein.

Having protein added to you pre-workout carbohydrates will boost your strength. Thus, it makes things possible for you to get favorable changes in your body composition. There is a difference to it between consuming pre-workout protein shake and one with carbohydrates alone. Now, you see it yourself that there is nothing wrong about taking protein right before you hit the gym or exercise yourself at home. This is what people base their thought on if they were to take it before workout.

Taking Protein Shake after Workout

We would not find the best answer to protein shake before or after workout without knowing what the researchers have to say about taking it after workout. Well, it has something to do about our body breaking down protein when we train. After doing it, protein synthesis will absolutely decrease and make your body to use the stored carbohydrates instead. However, this very act will surely bring your glycogen to lower levels, you see.

If you don’t want to deal with the new issues coming from it, you need a dose of protein to make sure that you get positive balance of it. This is what your body needs for muscle growth. So, you need to pay extra attention to it. This is where protein shakes for post workout use come in. From them, you will get sufficient dose of protein to promote muscle growth. See? Even consuming it after workout can benefit you so. It sure is hard to choose which is better between before and after.

What Is the Best between the Two?

Now that you have known the before and after benefits of protein shake, you must have wanted to come into conclusion. Either protein shake before or after workout, they are both beneficial for us. Even so, there is still one believed to be the best between the two. Let us make it clear here that you are recommended to opt for after working out instead of taking protein before it. Of course, there is reason to back the conclusion here.

Well, it is simply because protein shake is not necessity. What’s important is the protein itself. However, protein can be simply obtained from whole foods, like meat, fish, beans, or milk that you might have eaten already before you start working out. Since you will have to deal with the decrease of protein synthesis after workout, you need protein shake to do the job quickly for you. This is what we conclude from deciding which is best when it comes to protein shake before or after workout.